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    Cast List for Psycho Beach Party

    Production dates: July 26-August 4.

    Thank you to all who auditioned.  Casting proved very difficult with all of the wonderful talent we saw.  If you have not been cast, we hope and encourage you to come back out and audition for us again.  Again, thanks to all for sharing their time and talent with us.

    Yo Yo - Thomas Porter
    Dee Dee - Sarah Winter
    Nicky - Scott Vincent Spaccarotella
    Provoloney - Allan Maule
    Star Cat - Joe Kessler
    Chicklet - Kelly McConkey
    Kanaka - Preston Campbell
    Berdine - Lorelei Mellon
    Marvel Ann - Katie Bottomley
    Mrs. Forrest - Sandi Sullivan
    Bettina Barnes - Lori Ingle Taylor

    Dancers - Amanda Longo, Sarah Winter, Lauren Toney, Jennifer Rowell, Kaitlin Szulik, Ashley Davis, Jade Carlisle

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