Theatre In The Park

Questions & Answers

  • Are you an outdoor venue?

    Theatre In The Park is an INDOOR theatre located in the Northern end of Pullen Park. Our performances take place inside a fully air-conditioned black box theatre.

    What is your policy on cell phones and other electronic devices?

    Cell phones and other electronic devices should be silenced during a performance while inside the theatre.  If an emergency should occur, please quietly exit the theatre and feel free to make use of our lobby or outside garden.

    What happens if I’m late to a show?

    Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of our house manager. Please be aware that you may not be seated in your assigned seats until intermission. All performances are broadcast in the lobby on closed circuit television for your convenience.

    Is your theatre space available for rent to other performance groups?

    Because our building is owned and maintained by the City of Raleigh, we are not able to rent out the performance space or any of the rooms.

    Is a seating chart available?

    Orientation and positioning of the seating may vary from show to show.  Once the seating configuration has been decided, it will be posted on that production’s page. Please be advised that “Section 2” is always positioned as the center section.

    Is your theatre accessible to persons with disabilities?

    Yes, Theatre In The Park is fully accessible to persons with disabilities. For more information, please review our Accessibility page.

    How do I audition for A Christmas Carol?

    Please visit our Audition page for information on auditioning for A Christmas Carol.

    How do I audition for a show during your season?

    Please visit our Audition page for information on upcoming auditions.


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